Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SCCM 2012 - Free Disk Space is not populated ?

Wonder why the Free Disk Space has no data displayed in the Asset Intelligence - Hardware 01A report?
 After some digging, found out it wasn't enabled by default in SCCM 2012.

To enable it, need to Go to Administration à Site Configuration à Client Setting à Default Client Settings (middle pane) à Properties

Under Default setting à Hardware Inventory à Set Classes.

Go under Logical Disk (SMS_LogicalDisk) à tick the column “Free Space (MB) à Press OK

Wait for sometimes for the hardware inventory cycle, then regenerate the report. The Free Disk Space data will be populated.

Isn't that hard, right?


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  2. Great post. I followed the instructions step by step but still not able to get the freespace on the report. I manually ran hardware inventory cycle on the client few times but nothing is showing in the inventoryAgent.log. Any pointer?

  3. Hi Jun Cha,

    Any errors from the log?
    You may also check from the SQL query whether FreeSpace is populated into the DB. SQL Query command: select FreeSpace0 from v_GS_LOGICAL_DISK

  4. I usually run the Asset Intelligence, Hardware 09A-Search for computers report as it also gives free space. What I noticed is a lot of systems show blank and when I search for those devices in SCCM, I see they are inactive. Is there a way to filter report to not get the inactives?

  5. Thank you! you save my morning!

    Now I'll try to set an alert for critical low disk space from SCCM, it is possible here? I know is not SCOM but I'll give it a shot.

    Tx again


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